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We have now entered a pre-election period, there will be no further Community Ownership Fund announcements at this time. If your group had submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) since March 2024, then you will be on the mailing list to receive any future updates that are given by DLUHC.

If you have submitted an EOI from March 2024 and received a successful EOI outcome, you will be invited to submit a full application to Round 4 of the fund and you will receive a unique link to an online application form when a bidding window opens.

Whilst the EOI process can provide you with an indication of the eligibility of your project, grant assessors will use the detailed information you submit in your application form to assess your eligibility and fit for the programme.

To help you draft your application form answers, we have copied all the questions from the online application form into this word document.

Round 4

Round 4 is the final round of the fund and DLUHC have launched a new EOI form alongside it. To enable the move to the new system, EOIs submitted prior to March 2024 will no longer be valid. DLUHC ask that all prospective applicants, including those that have submitted a successful EOI form previously, submit a new EOI on the updated system if they have an interest in applying in the final round of the fund.

Only groups who have submitted an EOI in the new system will be informed when a bidding window is about to open and will receive the link needed to apply to COF. The new EOI form contains some restructured questions to better prepare applicants for full application, typically takes only 20-30 minutes to complete, and you will receive your result within minutes.

Who is this resource for?

  • Groups who have passed the EOI stage and are looking to submit a full application
  • Groups who are considering putting in an EOI and want to understand more about the full process

How will it help?

  • By using this document you will know the questions you need to answer to submit your application form
  • You can use this document to more easily draft and rewrite your answers for the application form
  • You can share your answers with your Board/staff/volunteers/community business advisers who might be helping you to develop your application

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