Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE)

Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE)

ACRE is the voice for rural communities and the national body for 38 community development organisations. Together they are the ACRE Network and covers all rural England. The 38 community organisations support communities with everything from neighbourhood planning, housing, village hall management to health, care, transport and funding.

ACRE works to gather intelligence from its members and uses the evidence to influence government policy so that rural communities are represented. ACRE then creates resources or secures funding which can be put back into their network of organisations to help them support people at a local level. Our Mission is to provide.

Why We Support My Community

We support My Community because we feel it’s important to share our rural expertise and resources. My Community is a great tool to use when you’re not sure where to turn. Because we have a member in every rural county, the ACRE Network supplies specialist, local knowledge and support for any community project you might be thinking of.

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