Power to Change

Power to Change

Power to Change is the independent trust that strengthens communities through community businesses.

Community businesses come in many shapes and sizes. At Power to Change we have found that organisations that are locally rooted, accountable to the community, trading for community benefit and creating broad community impact are particularly impactful to empower people to make their local places better, and we support organisations that share these values (or share some of these values and are interested in learning more about how these values might make their organisation stronger).

There are currently 11,000 community businesses across England with combined assets of £744m, employing 41,800 people. (The Community Business Market Report 2022).

Why we support my community

Power to Change was the first funder of My Community when it left government hands in 2018. We recognised that community groups needed a platform they could trust. My Community provides the advice and resources they need to improve their neighbourhoods, all in one place.

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