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Co-operatives UK provides advice, support, training and funding for co-operatives and other forms of community business.

Co-ops are organisations owned and controlled by their members. They can be any type of business. Some examples include pubs, high street retailers, farming businesses or football clubs. This diverse range of businesses all share the same co-operative values and principles.

There are over 7,000 different co-ops in the UK with over 13.7 million members benefiting and having their say in how the UK’s co-ops operate

Why we support My Community

Many community businesses are run co-operatively. This means a group of people coming together who all have a stake and a say in the business.

We help community businesses to raise money through community share offers. Local people invest often small sums of money and become co-owners of vital local enterprises – from pools to pubs, community houses to heritage buildings.

These community shareholders all become co-owners of the business. They have an equal say in how it runs, no matter how much they invest. This gives ownership and control of the business to the people who benefit the most. The community business is in effect, a co-operative.

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