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This resource provides a guide to information which should be included in your business plan for your Community Ownership Fund application.

It includes links to resources, templates and worked examples. You do not have to use the templates if you have the information in a different form. The templates can be used if you are not used to producing this kind of information and to check that the information in your supporting documents covers all the elements required.

We recommend that you also take a look at our Top tips for submitting your COF application

Some points to think about when you are writing your application and business plan

  • Assessors are not typically able to ask follow-up clarifications.

They rely on the documentation you submit and are not able to accept amendments or additional documentation after you have submitted your application.

  • Assume the assessor knows nothing about your local area, organisation, track record or achievements.
  • You should have evidence to back up your answers in the application form and your business plan.

You won’t be able to upload all this evidence, but you can refer to it. Where appropriate, use links to your website so that assessors can access photographs and documents. Please note that assessors will not accept Dropboxes or other file sharing sites.

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