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A cashflow forecast helps you to understand the cash position of your organisation on a monthly basis – how much money you expect to have in the bank at the end of each month.

If finances are very tight, it may be worth producing a weekly cashflow forecast.

What is a cashflow forecast?

  • A transparent and understandable way of communicating financial information, particularly for people who are less experienced with financial information because of the high level of detail provided in an easily understandable format.
  • A way to identify when the organisation may have cashflow problems
  • It shows when income is likely to be received and expenditure is incurred.

If you already produce an annual budget, then you have most of the information you need to develop cashflow projections.

Guidance and templates

The guidance document provides useful notes on how to create a cashflow forecast.

You can also download a worked example for a typical small community organisation carrying out a capital project in year 1 and a template that you can download and fill out for your own organisation.

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