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Find funding for a community project or idea TriageChevron
Find funding for a community project or idea
Build affordable housing
Shape your area with a neighbourhood plan
Support growing local business
Reshape or influence new local services
Build a new community centre or sports hall
Take over a community asset, like my local pub or pool

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Change where you live for the better

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Neighbourhood Planning

Do you want to shape the future of your area? Neighbourhood planning could be right up your street.

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Get involved and make a difference

Exeter Cathedral

Total Spend: Exeter St. James Plan

How much does it actually cost to create a neighbourhood plan? This case study takes a look at the costs behind Exeter St. James's neighbourhood plan, completed in 2013.

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Find out what's been happening near you

Take a look at our map of My Community activity and find out what has been happening near you.

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List your local pub or shop

Nominate your local pub, shop or historic building on the Assets of Community Value list with your local authority to give your community the opportunity to bid if it ever comes up for sale.

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Printable guides, factsheets, key resources and more!

Get started with our Resources Library where you can find a wide range of online resources, downloads and more

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Make a plan and make a difference!

Whether you want to save your local pub or develop more affordable housing in your area, it’s easy to get started today.

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