A park with lots of trees next to a footpath. It's shaded from the sun by the tree canopy.

This guide outlines the main ways in which communities can influence how their parks and green spaces can be protected and developed in the long term.

What is this guide and who is it for?

This guide is designed to give you an overview of the various ways that local communities can get involved with protecting, managing, maintaining and developing their local parks and green spaces.

This resource outlines some of the key legislation and terminology you will benefit from knowing if you are interested in increasing community power of the development of their local green space. This includes an overview of: neighbourhood planning, assets of community value, community right to bid, Community asset transfer, deeds, covenants and much more.

This guide is useful for anyone managing a park or green space – particularly to people exploring community ownership and management options.

What will you learn?

  • Neighbourhood planning
  • Local Greens space designation
  • Assets of community value
  • Community right to challenge
  • Meanwhile use
  • Community Asset Transfer
  • Community right to reclaim land
  • Deeds od dedication
  • Legal convenants
  • Participatory budgeting

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