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This guide explores how community businesses can develop their income streams by winning contracts to provide services in, and for, their community.

It provides guidelines, hints and tips to help your community business flourish through service provision.

This guide is for anyone thinking about tendering to provide services under contract, or who want to grow the income they already earn from providing services through contracts and commissions.

What will I learn?

By reading this guide, you’ll find out:

  • The differences between grants and contracts and what difference does it make to what you do
  • The different ways you can earn income from commissions and contracts
  • The costs involved
  • The skills and experience you need
  • How to decide what approach is right
  • Community business and contracting
  • The difference between earning income from contracted services and grants
  • What lessons you can learn from organisations which are non-profit but not community businesses
  • Community-oriented growth strategies
  • Top tips for all community businesses

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