Several women around table  enjoying themselves and raising a glass at a fun community event.

GlenWyvis Distillery

Dingwall resident, John McKenzie, works as a helicopter pilot and witnessed how communities in areas of the Scottish Highlands worked together to innovate in order to sustain themselves.

This led to a vision – to develop a whisky distillery for his town of Dingwell. Whisky distilling is historic to the area and John saw this as a great way to create local jobs, increase tourism – and to put Dingwall back on the map.

In 2017, when building of the distillery commenced, GlenWyvis realised it would still need money in order to complete the building and launch the successfully launch the distillery. Rather than borrow money and start to incur expensive debts, the co-op’s board one again decided to launch a community share offer – this time an open share offer, one of the world’s first, meaning there is no deadline to invest and they have now raised over £1 million.

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