Registration at an event. Two people are signing in attendees, everyone is wearing brightly coloured clothing.

Twine Visitor is a web and tablet app that allows your visitors to sign in to your activities and events quickly and easily.

The app's accompanying dashboard will tell you about who you're reaching in your community - helping inform your decisions about how to better serve your current demographic and engage new people.

There is also a simple, built in feedback function that enables visitors to give clear, actionable feedback about their experiences - helping you improve your services and events.

Moreover, many business are required to keep a log of who's visited their premises to support track & trace efforts. Twine Visitor will create a GDPR-compliant log and help support your covid-safe reopening

All the Twine tools were developed by Power to Change. Twine Volunteer and Visitor are now owned by Digital Commons Cooperative .

With Twine Visitor you can:

  • Carry out registrations without the paperwork
  • Keep track of who is visiting
  • Create a track and trace log
  • Get feedback from visitors and attendees

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