A female volunteer is dancing with an older man at a community event, they are both smiling and having fun.

Psychologists tell us that facts are 20 times more likely to be remembered if they’re part of a story. Why? Because storytelling activates certain parts of your audience’s brain, prompting them to turn your story into their own.

If you’ve shared your ‘why’, that story will be memorable because the brain releases dopamine when it experiences emotional charge, making it easier to remember events.

If storytelling sounds daunting then remember – we’re all experienced storytellers. We’ve been trading stories over cups of tea since we were old enough to stew a teabag. Just add these simple tips and tricks to your existing experience and you’ll be able to harness the power of stories to grab the world’s attention and build support for your cause.

Who are these tips for?

These tips are for anyone looking to engage with their community or audience in a meaningful way.

What will I learn?

Sharing your story is an important and powerful way for you to build support for your project. By engaging others in what you do you can:

  • attract new volunteers,
  • get the media attention that you’ve been looking for,
  • show stakeholders your impacts,
  • increase your chances of winning funding and so much more.

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