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The Community Right to Reclaim Land allows communities to challenge local councils and some other public bodies to release their unused and underused land.

As land is held on the behalf of the taxpayer, councils have a duty to use it effectively. The Rights gives communities the power to ensure that they do so. Submitting requests is a simple and easy process, with request forms and detailed guidance available on the government website. A full list of the bodies that the Right applies to can be found under Schedule 16 of the Local Government, Planning and Land Act, 1980.

How does the Community Right to Reclaim Land work?

Where councils hold unused or under used land, anyone can submit a request to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government requesting that the council is directed to dispose of the land so that it can brought back into use.

If it is found that the land is being held without being adequately utilized, and that the council has no plans to bring the land into use, the Secretary of State for DCLG can direct the council to dispose of the land. Disposal is usually on the open market.

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