A community event, there are balloons, people seated at tables having a nice time. There a two volunteers chatting and smiling at each other in the middle of the photo.

The Community Right to Challenge is the Right for community organisations to submit an expression of interest in running services of local authority and fire and rescue authorities on behalf of that authority.

If a community group, charity, parish council or group of staff of the authority identify a service they would like to run, they will need to submit an expression of interest to the authority. If the authority accepts the expression of interest, they must run a procurement exercise for the service. The interested group will need to compete with others who may wish to run the service.

Community Right to Challenge aims to give communities more opportunities to shape and run local public services where they believe they can do so differently and better. They may think they could deliver services better or cheaper, make them more responsive to local needs, offer additional social value, or deliver better value for money. The services may be at any scale of activity from very local and small to authority wide.

How the Community Right to Challenge is to be implemented is set out in the Localism Act and regulations, and explained further in statutory guidance.

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