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What can you do to improve your success rate in funding applications?

There are some points and tips to follow to make your organisation more successful.

You will need to be a well-run organisation that can demonstrate such attributes as:

  • track record,
  • community support,
  • good business planning,
  • strong governance, and
  • a clear and achievable vision.

Most funders are snowed under with applications so will not consider an application if it arrives in the wrong format or ignores key guidance.

Make sure you only apply for funds that really match your project and ensure your submission is in exactly the right format.

Top tips to help you get a grant

  • Make sure you really are eligible for the grant in question and don’t try to force fit your project to a marginally applicable grant.
  • Answer the questions that are actually asked and don’t be tempted to add in other information just because you want to say it.
  • Be very clear, both in the way you present information and in the way you explain why your project deserves to be funded (above any others that might be applying for the same funds).
  • Follow the grant guidance, and ask the funding body if you have any questions.

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