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The Bright Ideas fund is currently suspended.

Power to Change has suspended all current funding programmes, including the Bright Ideas programme, as it is focusing its attention on supporting community businesses affected by COVID-19. All future rounds of this programme are currently paused.

Have you started an application?

Any applicant part way through the application process will be considered for Power to Change support. Please contact: brightideas@locality.org.uk to discuss your application.

Keep checking back

Please do keep checking back for more information, and sign up to Power to Change’s newsletter for weekly updates.

The Bright Ideas Fund supports new community business ideas through the start-up and planning stages with tailored business support, to the implementation stage with grants of up to £15,000.

The Bright Ideas Fund is funded by Power to Change, the independent trust supporting community businesses in England, and delivered by Locality, the national network for community organisations, in partnership with Co-operatives UK, the Plunkett Foundation and Groundwork UK.

Watch the Bright Ideas Fund webinar

The webinar took place on 3 March at 1:30pm.

In this webinar, you’ll find out more about the fund including who can apply, what a community business is, what you can apply for and how support is delivered. We will also cover the application process including what makes a strong application.

This webinar is an opportunity to hear from Power to Change, Locality and a grantee of the Bright Ideas fund, to tell you how the support has assisted their community business.

Please read the guidance notes thoroughly before applying. They will help you to decide whether you are eligible for the community business idea you have in mind and whether the Power to Change Community Business Bright Ideas programme is right for you.

The guidance notes include information about the types of community businesses that Bright Ideas is designed to support, as well as the criteria that will be used to assess applications.

The guidance notes also include the application form questions along with information that will help you to complete the application form.

1. Complete the eligibility checker

The Bright Ideas fund is currently suspended.

You must complete the eligibility checker in order to apply for the Bright Ideas Fund. The checker will determine whether you are eligible to apply for the funding.

2. Fill in the application form

The Bright Ideas fund is currently suspended.

If you have successfully completed the eligibility checker, you will receive an email that includes a link to the application form.

You can see what questions the application form will include by reading the guidance notes.

Who can apply?

In 2018, Power to Change is committing an additional £0.7m to help launch a further 40 inspiring, locally rooted and community-led businesses.

As before, community groups, associations and organisations who have a good idea for a community business but need advice and a small amount of revenue funding to develop, test and get to the stage of launching their community business can apply.

To be eligible to apply for the Bright Ideas Fund, you must:

  • Be setting up a community business.
  • Be based in England
  • Be an incorporated or unincorporated organisation, but not an individual
  • Have been established for five years or less
  • Have a charitable purpose
  • Ensure your idea is for community benefit
  • Share Power to Change’s impact goals
  • Make your community business accessible and inclusive
When does the Bright Ideas Fund close?

The Bright Ideas fund is currently suspended.

What does the Bright Ideas fund offer?
  1. Community business development support
    Up to 12 days of business development support from Locality, Plunkett Foundation, or Co-operatives UK. The support will be structured in a way that best meets your needs and could involve working one to one or in group sessions with your leadership team. Topics covered could include:
    • incorporation, legal structures and governance
    • community engagement and accountability
    • business planning
    • financial modelling
    • market research
    • community shares
    • getting ready to trade
    • securing and developing an asset
  2. Grant funding
    The opportunity to apply for a grant of up to £15,000 which can be spent on specific activities to develop your community business idea.
  3. Learning and peer networking
    Access to online resources, thematic webinars and the opportunity to visit and learn from existing community businesses.
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