Semble was set up to support and inspire community action. We help small and local community projects get the support they deserve by encouraging people to ‘Come together, make a change’.

Community groups make a huge impact in the communities they work in, but their opportunities to connect with businesses and the resources they need is limited.

Semble runs a range of inspiring campaigns that support people and businesses to take local action in their communities. Community projects use the platform to share their story, celebrate successes and find the resources they need to grow their impact. You may know us as Project Dirt, Semble’s previous name.

Why we support My Community

My Community will provide both an important starting point for those looking to make a difference in their local community, as well as a useful series of resources for those looking to take the next steps for their existing community projects.

At Semble we believe that anyone can change the world for the better if they have the right backing. Knowledge and networks are a crucial part of bringing this belief to life, so we want to introduce our existing community to this vital shared information hub, and also welcome My Community visitors and users into Semble's campaigns set up to resource community projects.

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