Social survey toolkit

As more and more Neighbourhood Planning Qualifying Bodies (QBs) seek to develop household, resident and interest group surveys to aid their evidence gathering, it becomes increasingly important that such surveys are effective, easy to analyse and produce the data hoped for.

This toolkit is aimed at neighbourhood planners who may be developing a survey for the first time and explains how Parish and Town Councils and Neighbourhood Forums can best approach a survey phase and use the data and evidence produced to maximum effect in justifying their neighbourhood plan policies.

Essentially, this toolkit is for QBs and their sub-groups, volunteers or consultants. It is worth noting that the Planning Practice Guidance advises that plan makers should avoid expending significant resources on primary research (information that is collected through surveys, focus groups or interviews etc. and analysed to produce a new set of findings) as this will in many cases be a disproportionate way of establishing an evidence base. They should instead look to rely predominantly on secondary data (e.g. Census, national surveys) to inform their assessment which are identified within the Planning Practice Guidance.


Social survey toolkit (518.2KB pdf)

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