Service transformation: Building blocks to success

These Building Blocks have been identified from key messages, learning and lessons learnt from both the NCB Pilot and the Our Place programme. These are the critical steps an area, group or organisation interested in using Our Place must take in order to create change in their neighbourhoods.

Community organising and user engagement

Our Place is all about ensuring that communities and service users can influence and design local services. At the heart of any successful Our Place project there must be a systematic approach to genuinely involve people in identifying issues, shaping the vision, priorities and solutions for the local area and wherever possible, involving them in the implementation of those solutions.

There are many approaches to involving local people. Click to read the Our Place Guide to Community Organising.

There are also a number of interesting community engagement guides, case studies, ideas, learning and top tips from partners, members and organisations involved in programmes: First Steps, Community Economic Development, Neighbourhood Planning and more.

Partnership building and engagement

Working with your local authority

Partnership building is about involving the professionals and practitioners who have control over the services you are looking to change. These are the people that are often involved in commissioning, who can align and devolve budgets, alter structures, and bring expert front line knowledge to the table.

Click to read Our Place: Engaging with your Local Council

There’s also another really handy guide produced by NCB pilot programme on partner engagement, click HERE for a copy of the guide.


Co-design takes local people and communities deeper into the shaping of those services.  Rather  than  being presented with a set of options and being asked for our views, citizens work alongside the  professionals  to  discuss  and  shape  what  a  service  could  look  like.

Click to read the Our Place guide to co-design

Logic models

All Our Place areas are required to complete a logic model.  Logic models support business planning and delivery, they also act as a systematic and visual way of demonstrating the thinking underpinning a programme, project, activity or policy.

Click to read the Our Place Introduction to Logic Models

There are excellent examples of logic models developed by areas on the Our Place programme.  To view some examples click HERE.

Cost benefit analysis

Cost benefit analysis (CBA) is a method of analysis which quantifies in monetary terms as many of the costs and benefits of a proposal as feasible, including items for which the market does not provide a satisfactory measure of economic value, and compares the total value of benefits to the total value of costs, presenting the comparison as a benefit cost ratio. Having a single ratio figure allows for the comparison of different projects and programmes.

Click to read the Our Place guide to Cost Benefit Analysis

Operational plans

An Our Place operational plan is the business case for your Our Place project. The aim of your operational plan is to show how services will be transformed in order to improve circumstances for people in your area in a cost effective way.  A good operational plan is key to communicating and implementing your service transformation.

Our Place Building Blocks (130.4KB pdf)

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