Planning for Community-Led Housing

The guide is targeted at people and organisations that are currently preparing neighbourhood plans, or have recently made a neighbourhood plan and are looking at ways to deliver its aims. The focus of the guide is on community-led development, in particular small community-led housing schemes.

A neighbourhood plan can put in place a statutory planning policy framework for an area. Achieving its aims depends on suitable schemes being brought forward by private developers, public bodies, not-for-profit organisations, partnerships – or in an increasing number of situations – through community-led development.

There are real benefits in considering community-led housing or other kinds of community-led development during the preparation of the neighbourhood plan or immediately after a plan is made. This guide sets out those potential benefits and considers how neighbourhood plans and community-led development schemes could be prepared in parallel.

Locality has prepared other guidance on community-led development and community-led housing, which may be useful to read in conjunction with this guide. More information is given at the end of this guide.

Neighbourhood Planning: Planning for Community-Led Housing (476.1KB pdf)

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