Multiple or complex asset transfers: how to manage the process

This publication forms part of a series of legal guidance notes and documents produced by Anthony Collins Solicitors for the My Community programme, which is funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government. This guide explores the challenges that multiple or complex asset transfers can pose, and provides guidance to local authorities and their partners about how to manage the process of such a transfer to ensure it progresses smoothly.

Multiple asset transfers, as the name suggests, involves the transfer of more than one asset from the local authority to an existing, or new, community group(s). Complex asset transfers are trickier to define but commonly are either ‘unusual’ assets, for example they might be historic buildings with an important heritage value, or there are existing complex issues around ownership that need to be untangled, or they are of such a scale that the transfer will have a significant long term impact particularly if they form part of large scale regeneration plans for an area.

In this document, we cover:

  • How to get started with a multiple or complex asset transfer
  • The challenges you may face during the transfer process
  • The advantages of setting up a new organisation to receive the community assets as compared with the advantages of using an existing organisation
  • Key governance issues that you need to consider
  • Practical advice on working collaboratively with third parties who have a vested interest in the assets.

This guidance note can only provide an introduction to the range of issues involved in multiple or complex asset transfers. Therefore, it should be read alongside complementary resources produced as part of the My Community programme, particularly ‘Practical tips on negotiating community asset transfer leases’.

Multiple or complex asset transfers: how to manage the process (215.1KB pdf)

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