Logic models and templates

Our Place puts communities at the heart of service delivery in their area and involves local partners within a neighbourhood coming together with local people to identify the issues that matter most to them.

These Our Place partnerships develop plans, but before plans can become a reality, communities need to demonstrate that their proposals are based on a clear analysis of the problem(s), how the problem can be addressed, and how the effectiveness of their proposals can be monitored once implemented. This is where a logic model can help.

Fundamentally a logic model is about:

  • Showing what is wrong
  • Explaining the steps that will be taken to correct this
  • Describing the outcome if these steps are successful
  • Logic models are similar to a ‘theory of change’, which can help community organisations focus on their goals, weigh up their priorities and measure their impact.

Watch this webinar to find out more about how to construct a logic model for yourself.

This resource includes:

  • Logic Model Guide (PDF)
  • Logic Model examples (PDF)
  • Logic Model template (Word document to download).
Logic models and templates (419.5KB pdf) Our Place Logic Model examples (420.5KB pdf) Our Place Logic Model template (37.6KB document)

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