How to work with consultants

Whether you need specialist skills, advice or training, this guide can help you get the most out of working with consultants.

Community businesses are often relatively new and have limited resources and time. So they will often need to bring in outside help to ensure that they can deliver what they want to do in an effective way and be actively supported by their community to do so.

So Power to Change have created an ‘Online Marketplace’ of consultants who have experience of working with community businesses who can be commissioned, using this guide, to support you. We think it will be useful to any organisation that wants to work with a consultant. Let us know what you think.

This guide can be used by any organisation, not just a community business. Businesses that are not run for the benefit of communities and for social impact can learn a lot from those that are. So you will find ‘organisation’ rather than ‘community business’ referred to throughout the guide. You will also find references to stakeholders such as residents, other businesses, business users, funders and investors that community businesses engage with.

How to work with consultants (1.4MB pdf)

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