Design in neighbourhood planning

A neighbourhood plan gives a community powers to influence future changes to an area. Understanding how your place works will inform your vision within the plan, which will describe and illustrate the principles guiding future development. Design has an important part to play in helping to inform the vision statement and translating ideas about how your place works into visual proposals explaining where changes may happen, how places might function better and what they might look like.

This guide describes the role of good design within a neighbourhood plan, setting out some tools and activities for assessing the qualities and character of a place and guiding the development of design policies within the neighbourhood plan. A neighbourhood plan can provide clarity for developers on what is expected in an area. It is an opportunity to clearly articulate design principles that will ensure buildings and places reflect local identity, create a sense of pride and work well for people’s needs now and into the future.

Design in Neighbourhood Planning (1.6MB pdf)

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