Community-led Buildings Roadmap

The guide is intended as a general introduction and overview of developing and delivering community-led projects. The emphasis is on projects involving physical development of land or the adaptation of existing buildings. However, much of the guidance has wider relevance to other kinds of community project.

It works as a checklist for the main stages of a project and raises the issues that need to be considered at each stage. Inevitably, a short guide cannot look at each stage or issue in depth, so this guide is really more of an introduction to what is involved in making community projects happen. However, project development and delivery is not a strictly linear process and many of the sections of this guide describe activities that are interdependent, sometimes occurring alongside each other.

Community-led Buildings Roadmap, Introduction (369.1KB pdf) Community-led Buildings Roadmap, Part 1 (612.6KB pdf) Community-led Buildings Roadmap, Part 2 (1.1MB pdf) Community-led Buildings Roadmap, Part 3 (1.0MB pdf) Community-led Buildings Roadmap, Part 4 (596.4KB pdf)

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