A couple is walking their dog through a park. It's sunny and the grass and trees are very green.

Thinking about people and having a good plan is vital to a successful event. Avoid common pitfalls with the handy tips and reminders in this guide.

What is this guide and who is it for?

This guide provides step by step guidance on how to plan and deliver a successful event for your park or green space. The resource gives an overview of all of the key things you should think about when planning, preparing, delivering, and evaluating an event. These range from volunteer management, to safeguarding, publicity to insurance.

This guide will be useful to anyone running or considering running events for their park or green space.

What will I learn?

  • Setting clear objectives
  • Planning your event
  • Preparing your team
  • Safeguarding & health and safety
  • Delivering your event
  • Follow up with your attendees and evaluating your event
  • And much more

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