A park full of trees, the grass is green and the tree leaves are starting to turn yellow.

This guide offers pointers for groups to ensure parks are available and fully accessible for everyone - regardless of race, disability, or sexual orientation.

Who is this guide for?

‘Equality and diversity’ is about ensuring everyone has access to the same opportunities and fair treatment. This guide is aimed at helping you ensure that everyone in your community feels that your park or green space is a place for them and that they are able to access the space.

It’s essential that groups ensure that the Equality and Diversity principles discussed in this guide are applied to the make-up of their staff, volunteers, and boards.

This guide is for anyone involved in managing a park or green space and ensuring it is accessible and engaging to their local community as a whole.

What will I learn?

  • Why diversity matters
  • Adopting a diversity, equality and inclusion statement or policy
  • Building a more diverse board
  • Recruiting more diverse volunteers and staff

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