Champions Code of Conduct

By taking on the My Community Champion role, you are agreeing to adhere to our professional standards.

Our professional standards require the following from all our Champions:

  • To act in a professional way at all times, providing consistently high quality, responsive and timely responses to public enquiries
  • To notify Locality if you are unable to respond to an enquiry as soon as practicable, so we can reallocate it
  • Ensure transparency and open communication with Locality and members of the public
  • If an organisation asks an Champion to deliver additional support, we expect consultants to inform Locality and to provide details of the support being requested/provided
  • To respond to complaints/issues immediately and to alert the Champions team accordingly.

This is because:

As a representative of Locality and DCLG, if any issues/complaints arise as a direct result of work carried out by the Champion, without prior knowledge or agreement from Locality, this could create a reputation risk for Locality or our Partners, and may impact on our contractual agreements with DCLG.

Not to agree to different fees or make alternative arrangements with a Bright Ideas organisation that you are working with, nor promise to deliver support which has not been agreed with Locality or Power to Change.

Locality reserves the right to monitor and conduct ad-hoc checks on responses provided by Champions.  For quality assurance purposes, we may also contact members of the public for feedback.

If you have any enquiries, please contact:

Kobie Cadle / 07812661668