My Community Champions

My Community Champions are like-minded people with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Learn more about our exciting network to sign up, and connect with local Champions on our map.

My Community Champions are a national network of volunteers who offer their time and expertise to local people and areas working together to transform their communities.

As a My Community Champion, you will have the chance to:

  • meet with other organisations and like-minded people in your area
  • attend regional, national networking events and online masterclasses to help you develop your professional skills and knowledge
  • receive regular newsletters with resources, events, jobs and news from the network.

There is also the opportunity to help other people and organisations who are striving to make changes in their communities by sharing your knowledge and advice. We will help facilitate these connections and opportunities by covering some expenses (once agreed prior with us).

Role of the My Community Champion

The key role of the My Community Champions is to inspire, inform and encourage. This means:

  • Inspire: share your story
  • Inform: know where resources are to sign-post people
  • Encourage: be an honest broker and share practical tips.

Specifically, we ask our Champions to get involved in four simple activities, as described below:

  • Taking queries through the My Community Champion map
  • Being an active part of the My Community Forum
  • Meeting up with local people who want to learn more
  • Being featured as a speaker or host at events.

For more information please take a look at our job description.

Champion role specialisms

There are five specialisms with the Champions Network – when you sign up as a Champion you’ll be asked to select your areas of expertise.

  • Neighbourhood Planning
  • Community-led Housing
  • Assets
  • Service transformation
  • Community Economic Development.


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