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The Community Ownership Fund support programme delivery partners are here to take you through the changes in the latest round of the community ownership fund and provide support for your application.

As well as the resources and advice service which you can access on My Community, there are a series of webinars that will take you through how to write a strong application and putting together your management case.

If you don't have time to attend a webinar or you are waiting for dates for the next webinars, then this video and the accompanying resources can help you make a start.

We recommend attending one of the live webinars so you can ask specific questions and find out what you need to know depending upon the nation you live in and the type of asset you are trying to save.

  • Those in Scotland looking to put in an EOI or COF application
  • Those in Scotland looking to improve on their EOI/COF application

What will you learn?

  • The four elements to the management case
  • What makes a strong application
  • Information the assessor requires
  • Underlying information and documentation required
  • There will also be space to ask your questions and get expert advice.

Watch the video

Hear from successful Community Ownership Fund grantees

Laxdale Community Hall share their journey to Community Ownership Fund success, their tips and their experiences post award.

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