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The resource provides information, support and templates to help you produce a Business plan for your charity or community group.

A business plan is important to help manage your organisation by stating your objectives and how and when you aim to achieve them. Your business plan be useful as a point of reference for staff, trustees, potential investors and other stakeholders in your organisation.

This resource covers all of the main areas your need to consider when producing a business plan. These range from writing your mission statement to defining and describing your services, making financial projections to carrying out risk analyses.

This guide is for all community groups but has a focus on cooperatives.

What will I learn?

  • What a business plan is and why you need one
  • Writing a mission statement
  • Describing your products and services
  • Explaining your social impact
  • Knowing your market
  • Writing a marketing plan
  • Identifying the key people involved in your organisation
  • Your organisational structure
  • Making financial projections
  • Carrying out a risk analysis

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