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Whether you are a local resident, a community group or a local authority officer, this resource provides an overview of the ways in which community hubs can support communities through neighbourhood focussed services.

What is a community hub?

  • Community hubs most commonly operate out of buildings, from which multi-purpose, community-led services are delivered
  • Community hubs often host other partners and access to public services. These co-locationapproaches are an efficient and effective use of resources
  • Community hubs are in themselves a good use of local assets, and the model can help to underpin an enterprising and resilient community organisation.

Hubs and service transformation

  • Community hubs can provide a means for alternative approaches to service delivery underpinned by the principles of community involvement and partnership
  • Community hubs can facilitate this by providing a place where different local partners in a neighbourhood
  • can come together and address the issues that matter most to them
  • Community hubs can therefore support a neighbourhood focussed community-led approach.

This resource was originally written for the Our Place programme, but it is useful for those looking to support communities through neighbourhood focussed services.

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