A female volunteer is dancing with an older man at a community event, they are both smiling and having fun.

Understand how to support your volunteers in order to keep them happy, engaged and working well.

This six-point guide gives community groups clear, practical advice on how to keep their volunteers engaged and enthused. Volunteers can bring loads of value – time, passion and expertise. And they can gain a huge amount from volunteering too. It’s a two-way relationship and by deciding to work with volunteers you are committing to support them.

This resource will be useful to anyone involved in managing volunteers.

What will you learn?

  • Connection: Remember that many people volunteer because they want to feel connected to others and to their community.
  • Communication: Keep it regular, transparent and clear!
  • Coordination: Having good systems for managing volunteers will make your work easier and improve how much volunteers can achieve.
  • Care: Create a supportive, caring environment for your volunteers. If they feel looked after they are more likely to stick around and keep investing their time!
  • Celebration: Make volunteers feel acknowledged and appreciated by expressing gratitude and through celebration of their work.
  • Co-creation: Empower volunteers by asking for their ideas, opinions and feedback. When people feel consulted they want to contribute more of their energy to a project. They also bring fresh ideas and new insights.

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