My Community Champions Map

My Community Champions are people across England who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in making their communities better through neighbourhood planning, assets, service transformation, community economic development and community-led housing projects.

How to engage with the Champions

All of our Champions are volunteers and have agreed to provide headline/brief responses only to enquiries within their area of specialism. The ‘specialism’ of the Champion in your area is located on their pin. Before contacting a Champion please consider whether your enquiry is relevant for them to answer. You may find that it is more appropriate to contact the Help Centre with your enquiry instead.

Champions may not be available to respond to your enquiry immediately. If you do not receive a response within a week of submitting a request to a Champion, please contact the Help Centre with your original enquiry.

Many of our Champions also work full time, and are unlikely to be able to provide ongoing support or mentoring to groups or undertake activities like reviewing funding applications and tenders or advise on complex policy. You can post your question on our Advice Community Forum, or contact our Help Centre.

Zoom into your local area using your mouse scroll wheel or the + icon on the left of the map. You may also use our search box on the upper right to search using your postcode or location. Click on a pin of a nearby Champion to learn more about their specialities and contact them by clicking the ‘Ask a question’ link.

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Neighbourhood Planning
Service Transformation
Community Economic Development
Community Led Housing