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Good governance will provide you with the strategies and structures you need to fulfil your organisation’s charitable and business objectives.

The resources in this section are designed to help you govern your charity or community group effectively and will be useful for your Chair, Chief Executive (CEO) and Board of Trustees.

Governance in your organisation will cover:

Leadership, direction and strategy

When thinking about the governance of your organisation, you should put in place a vision and mission statement, and constitution. They will support your Board, and Board of Trustees to agree on and uphold the vision and values of your community group, organisation, or charity. It will also help you develop a business plan and strategy to achieve your goals.

Policies, procedures and compliance with the law

Developing a clear and coherent set of governance policies and procedures will help you comply with all relevant law and legislation. For example, staff policies, code of practice policies, data protection policies and more. By creating relevant governance policies, your group or organisation will be better able to conduct itself with integrity, openness and high ethical standards.

Efficacy and efficiency

Governance is not just about complying with the law and regulations. Making sure that your work is achieving your objectives is equally important. Having good governance in place is also about delivering consistency, responsibility, accountability, fairness, transparency, and effectiveness.

Accountability and transparency

Accountability in your governance policies and processes should allow stakeholders to understand your Board’s decision-making process. Communicating your decisions, your successes and learnings, and consulting with stakeholders will build trust and confidence in your organisation.

These governance resources will support your top-level decision making. You will find guides, templates, research and case studies on topics including:

  • How to choose the best legal structure and/or organisation structure for your group.
  • How to set up a charity, community group or social enterprise
  • How to write a constitution and other governing documents
  • Support with recruiting, managing and retaining trustees
  • How to plan and run AGM meetings
  • Policy templates, procedures and models
  • Advice on data protection (including GDPR)
  • Safeguarding and health and safety support
  • How to create and manage a Board of Trustees

The community hub handbook

Last updated: 6 May 2020

A comprehensive handbook on how to set up and run a successful community hub

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