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Find out about funding available for Community-led Housing projects.

Start-up support for community-led housing

Locality and our national partners are currently seeking funding from government to develop a Start-up support grant which will help all types of community-led housing projects to get going.

This will help groups and projects at an early stage, to help explore different approaches, undertake community consultation, become incorporated and identify a site if required. This will support groups to be ready to apply to Homes England for revenue funding through the Community Housing Fund.

The National CLT Network currently has a start-up support package if you are looking to become a Community Land Trust.

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Community Housing Fund – Phase 1

About the fund

The Homes England Community Housing Fund Prospectus was launched on the 2nd July 2018. It confirms the Government is making £163 million available across England through the Community Housing Fund (CHF) up until March 2020. This offers a significant opportunity for community organisations to grow and realise their aspirations to meet local housing needs.

The CHF is split into two phases. Only the first phase was launched with the Prospectus. It includes revenue funding for capacity building and pre-development costs; as well as capital funding for infrastructure costs which will support community-led housing. Capital funding to support the costs of building, converting or refurbishing community-led housing will be covered in the second phase.

Revenue funding

Homes England is now inviting applications from groups for the revenue funding. Eligible organisations include registered charities, companies limited by guarantee, community benefit societies, community interest companies and other organisations operating as social enterprises. Local authorities and Registered Providers may also apply and community organisations can also ask them to do so on their behalf.

Funding will be available to local authorities who wish to support community organisations looking to develop community-led housing, for example, through advice services.

The revenue grants are to help groups cover the costs of “project-specific activities” that will support the development of community-led housing. This includes the costs of group capacity building; professional fees, e.g. for feasibility or design work, and costs related to planning applications and business planning.

Capital infrastructure funding

Homes England is also inviting applications for the capital infrastructure funding, but this is only open to bidding by local authorities. This will cover small-scale infrastructure projects which support a community housing development. Such as building access roads, flood reduction measures and site remediation.

Community organisations may ask their local authority to submit an application on their behalf.

How to apply

Members thinking of making applications should be aware that phase one of the CHF will shut once funding is fully committed or on the 31 December 2019 – whichever happens earliest.

The Prospectus sets out the assessment criteria for bids covering value for money, deliverability and the strategic fit with the aims of the CHF. To apply you must submit details via the Homes England bidding portal:

Phase 2 Capital Funding for CLG housing

The next prospectus is expected to be announced in September 2018.

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