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This resource provides in-depth guidance, techniques and tools for managing your charity or community group’s finances.

This resource includes expert advice ranging from planning and budgeting to banking, tax to insolvency.

It will be useful to anyone involved in overseeing the financial condition of your organisation such as financial and business managers, chief executives and trustees.

What will I learn?

  • What's different about charity finance -The processes and regulatory regimes that apply when managing charity finances, including fund accounting
  • Processes procedures and controls - What controls you need to put in place to stop errors creeping into your accounting, and to reduce the risk of fraud
  • Planning and budgeting - Advice on writing your financial strategy and managing your budgets in line with it
  • Reporting - Your obligations to report on your accounts, both internally and externally
  • Banking and investment - What to consider when choosing a bank and deciding where to invest
  • Tax and trading - The tax regulations applying to charities can be complex. This section covers the ins and outs of corporation tax, VAT, and Gift Aid and GASDS
  • Insolvency - What to do when your organisation gets into financial difficulty.

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