A community event, there are balloons tied to chairs, and people are looking at something off camera. People are smiling and looking really happy.

This guide looks at ways that community groups can encourage their members to become more involved with their work.

The guide covers 7 modes of everyday participation: Telling stories, Gathering data, Sharing connections, Contributing ideas, Giving time, Learning skills, Crowdfunding innovation.

The toolkit is designed for Cooperatives but will be beneficial to anyone looking to engage their membership in shaping their organisation.

What will I learn?

  • Telling stories – Asking people to share their personal experiences.
  • Gathering data - Asking people to collect information
  • Sharing connections - Providing an incentive and purpose for members to talk about your organisation
  • Contributing ideas - Sharing the problem or opportunity you are working on and asking for ideas.
  • Giving time - Offering people opportunities to do short but meaningful tasks
  • Learning skills – Giving opportunities for your people to learn
  • Crowdfunding – Asking people to help fund new services or products

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