Crisis Response

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The resources in this hub have all been designed to support charities and community groups during times of crisis.

The Covid-19 crisis has had a huge impact on the way groups operate, deliver their services and engage with their communities and beneficiaries.

In the immediate aftermath of the crisis a wide array of resources were developed to help groups to adapt and survive under these new, extremely challenging conditions. These ranged from guides to government announcements, to advice on working collaboratively, to help with supporting vulnerable or hard to reach people.

This experience has given us a far greater understanding of the challenges charities and community groups face in times of crisis and the types of support they require. Although this hub was born out of the lessons we learned from the Covid-19 crisis, we intend it to become the go-to space for groups facing crises of any kind - from localised flooding to global health pandemics – to find the support they need.

In this hub you will find guides, templates, case studies, reports and more, all aimed at helping you better understand:

  • Working in collaboration with key community stakeholders including councils, community leaders and other community groups and charities
  • Financial management and sustainability
  • Carrying out food distributions
  • Finding suitable grants and funding
  • Building mental wellbeing and resilience in a time of crisis
  • Adapting your services under crisis conditions
  • Online and video communication – both for internal meetings and service delivery
  • And much more

Good Governance in a Time of Crisis

Last updated: 29 September 2020

This guide provides an guidance on how to govern a community organisation in a time of crisis

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