Supporting cleaner neighbourhoods: four case studies

This thematic case study is about how community engagement and preventative measures can be taken in partnership to support cleaner neighbourhoods.

It draws on the experiences of four community groups, statutory services and local businesses working together to deal with fly-tipping and littering in their localities.

Neighbourhood outdoor spaces are the responsibility of a combination of:

  • District, County and Unitary authorities, and Town and Parish Councils
  • Road, rail and waterway agencies
  • Housing providers
  • Private landowners
  • Businesses
  • Community organisations
  • Local residents.

In this case study we look at four examples of when local residents, councils and businesses have worked together to make neighbourhoods cleaner. It is early days for all of these examples, but they are all pioneering in their employment of an inclusive partnership approach to tackle a priority issue. It should be of interest and inspiration to other communities, councils and partners who have prioritised environmental and street scene concerns.

Download: Cleaner neighbourhoods through community-led partnerships case study