Streets Ahead for Information – Engaging their community

We visited Streets Ahead for Information (SAFI) on Thursday, 14 January 2016 to find out more about their experience on the First Steps programme. SAFI is a one-stop help and advice centre set up for residents of Gresham in the Newport Ward of Middlesbrough, formed through the Community First programme. SAFI aims to support people in a range of areas including employment, education, community care and crime prevention, benefits and entitlement advice, help with meeting rooms and offices, problems in the local environment and support for vulnerable residents. They work with residents, representatives of services and local businesses to tackle the issues that affect their area and improve the sense of integration between different parts of the community.

A neighbourhood survey had not taken place for some time, so SAFI’s information about issues that mattered to local people was incomplete. SAFI thought residents were faced with several barriers to engaging with the community, which meant residents were not willing to report local issues. Streets Ahead for Information decided that First Steps support could them help carry out a survey to engage residents in improving their neighbourhood. This is the story of SAFI’s challenges, successes and what they have learned about engaging their local community.


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