Sandhaven and Pitullie Harbour Trust – social and community capital

The communities of Sandhaven & Pitullie are situated in the north-east of Scotland, two miles west of the town of Fraserburgh.

Sandhaven and Pitullie Harbour Trust Limited (the Trust) was formed in July 1999 and led to Sandhaven Harbour being purchased and run for the benefit of the community. Since 1999, various improvements have been carried out on the harbour. The Trust had obtained grants totalling £110,000 to upgrade the harbour wall but did not have the immediate cash available to pay the contractors pending receipt of the grants. This case was referred to the RBS Social & Community Capital (S&CC) by Carol Smith (RM, Aberdeen Business Team) in April 2013 after realising that the funding request did not meet the bank’s normal credit criteria. S&CC agreed to the request, although delays by one of the grant providers led to delays in starting the work to ensure best value for money by carrying out the works in spring/summer. The works were completed in June 2014 and the loan drawn in July 2014.

In December 2013, following major storms across the UK, the Trust obtained a further (emergency) grant to carry out urgent repairs to parts of the harbour wall which had been undermined by the storms. S&CC stepped in with a loan of £30,000 to bridge the grant and was repaid in April 2014.

The work on the original improvements were started in about April 2014 and now have now been completed in line with the original terms.

For pictures of the improvement works head here.

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