The Playground – Great Yarmouth Indoor Skatepark

A community skatepark in Great Yarmouth keeping young people off the streets

Key Facts

Community business name: The Playground

Type of organisation: Community indoor skatepark

Location: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

What’s the idea?

A newly-proposed skate park, ‘The Playground’, will be open to everyone regardless of skill, and will double up as a live music venue, space for the local community to hire, and a comfortable space to socialise in the café. All this at a time when skateboarding is included in the 2020 Olympics.



How will it help local people?

The Park Warehouse, an indoor skatepark in Great Yarmouth, closed in 2015. Nearly 4,000 local people signed a petition against the closure, and local skaters have been campaigning to reopen it as a community skate park – run by skaters for skaters.

Great Yarmouth has been a resort town since 1760, and a port for even longer. Many industries have come and gone, and left behind a town with many industrial estates with abandoned warehouses.

The Park closed down in Great Yarmouth
The Park closed down in Great Yarmouth

The town lacks youth clubs and leisure spaces for young people, and other facilities are closing-down. At the same time, rates of physical activity in school are significantly worse than the national average, so there is a real need for somewhere that young people can socialise and take part in sports.

Grant amount

£4,800 in business development support

Grant purpose

The business development support will train the team on publicity, local campaigning, crowdfunding, and hosting skate events.

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