PermaFuture Agroecology – relaunching their veg boxes

PermaFuture relaunched their veg box scheme, with the support of their Bright Ideas Fund Advisor.

PermaFuture are currently transforming a disused horticultural training centre into ‘Bentley Urban Farm’.

Using reclaimed materials and a range of agroecology techniques such as permaculture and hydroponics, they are building a semi-automated market garden capable of providing education, training and employment opportunities whilst offering the local community access to fresh, affordable locally grown food.

The new idea is a farm veg box scheme which offers subsidised boxes for poorer families and also includes fun educational activities designed to allow families to become more resilient and self-reliant. With support from their Bright Ideas Fund Advisor, PermaFuture have completed a successful revision of the veg box business plan and cash flow forecast/sales projections. This helped them to prepare for the launch of the scheme in May 2017. They are currently selling 20+ boxes per week and increasing, even over the summer holidays.

Additional help has been provided with the creation and launch of the new Veg Box website from the Open Food Network, which has been crucial in promoting sales of the veg boxes and providing them with a bespoke website. Accounts have also been set up on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The plan is to focus on the veg box scheme, but the group is also working towards offering accredited ‘Training the Trainer’ programmes, to help them to generate more income.

They have run a range of events in the community including the official launch of the Fun Time Farm Veg Boxes at Slow Down Sunday at the Frenchgate Shopping Centre in Doncaster. They have also run four ‘seed bomb’ workshops at a local shopping centre.

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