Drayton, South Oxfordshire – keeping the character and identity of the village

Drayton is a village of about 1,000 homes located near Abingdon in South Oxfordshire. By 2011, it was clear that Drayton would not be immune to pressure for new house building. Indeed, the owners of neighbouring farmland had indicated a willingness to make it available for development. This caused some alarm. But instead of outright opposition, the community realised this could be an opportunity to improve the village. They decided to create a neighbourhood plan.

Their vision:

The Drayton Neighbourhood Plan intends the village to be home to a thriving working community that is strongly linked to its environment and to its neighbours, a place that has its own identity and in which any future development adds to the character of the village and to the quality of life of Drayton’s residents.

Find out more about how Drayton were assisted along the way, challenges they faced and overcame, and how the community has benefited from developing the plan by downloading the full case study below.

Read the full Drayton case study here