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The Community Shares Booster Fund

Are you an existing community business in England? Looking for help with your community share offer? The Booster Fund provides support to get your share offer ready. We can also part match the funds that you raise through your share offer.

Community shares are a great way for communities to pull together and take ownership of local buildings and land, or to develop new projects or services that benefit people in their community.

The Booster Fund has relaunched to support new and existing community businesses in England that are at all stages of a community share issue.

This includes the very early stages of exploring whether it’s the right choice, through planning a community share issue to being ready to launch, or in exceptional cases, recently launched.

What can you apply for?

  • Development grants – averaging £5,000, to prepare a community share offer: financial planning, governance support, marketing costs and being awarded the Community Shares Standard Mark.
  • Equity match investment – typically matching £1 for £1 up to £25,000 invested by the Booster Fund, providing the minimum share offer target is achieved.

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