Two builders on a partly built building and construction site.

The Homes in Community Hands programme provides support and grants to help community business groups progress projects that build or refurbish well-built, affordable and future-proof homes designed around the needs of local people.

We aim to use £4.2 million in revenue funding over the next three years to support the development of community led housing in England.

Funds will be mostly focused in:

  • Leeds City Region,
  • Liverpool City Region,
  • Tees Valley City Region,
  • West of England and West Midlands.

Funds will also be available to genuinely innovative community-led housing projects anywhere in England.

Who can apply to the Homes in Community Hands Programme?

We are focusing on community groups in the early stages of their community-led housing development to support the feasibility and pre-development work, leading up to submitting a planning application.

Our research has shown that is where funds are needed most to get projects moving.

What can you apply for?

Power to Change will award grants averaging £50,000 to community led housing projects that will create schemes that deliver a majority of permanently affordable homes for rent or sale to locally connected people.

These can be either as new-build housing or by refurbishing empty properties. Successful applicants will also receive advice and support from Community-Led Housing enablers.

Grants awarded through the programme can be used for the following

  • Feasibility work to assess the viability of a site or buildings for development
  • Pre-development costs to develop plans, leading to submitting a planning application (if required)
  • Post-planning costs for work to get your project ready to start on site
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