Affordable and community-led housing

The resources in this hub have been designed to support people and groups who want to ensure there is high quality and affordable housing available in their local area.

The need for decent affordable housing is a huge and ever-growing issue in the UK. However, many people are unaware that they can have a real say over where housing is built, and what type of housing is built in their local area.

Community-led housing projects are run by individual community groups that are determined to build the types of homes that local people need and want. These resources are designed to help you address issues like:

  • Making sure there is high quality, affordable housing available in the local area that meets the community’s needs
  • Creating affordable housing for people in need
  • Supporting older people and disabled people
  • Ensuring there are reasonably priced homes for families in your local area
  • Helping to address issues associated with long council house waiting lists

What are Community Rights?


Community Rights are a set of powers that give you a greater say over how your community develops.

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