A group of people at work. They are in a meeting room, and have lots of yellow and pink post-its on the far wall.

This guide provides in-depth advice on effective minute taking

The drafting of minutes for meetings can pose a number of challenges for the person taking the minutes. This guide will help identify key skills needed, potential legal requirements, best practice for storage and dissemination of minutes and much more. The resource also includes useful templates for minute taking.

This guide will be particularly useful for minute-takers, those tasked with appointing minute takers.

What will I learn?

  • Key skills of a minute taker
  • Legal requirements
  • The purpose of taking minutes
  • The format of good minutes
  • How to take minutes for board meetings
  • Tips and hints for recording minutes
  • What to do after the meeting
  • Who can inspect minutes?
  • How should minutes be stored

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