A hand is holding up an iPhone. The phone shows a folder with various social media apps.

How to use social media to engage and recruit supporters, share your story and demonstrate the impact of your organisation.

The aim of this resource is to help you to build an effective plan for your social media output – particularly when looking to drum up support for an event or project. This resource will help you understand how to target your audience, choose the most suitable social media channels for your project, hone your messaging and use scheduling tools like hootsuite. The resource also includes links to useful design tools such as Canva and a downloadable social media plan template.

This guide is for anyone using or interested in using social media to communicate the work of their charity or community group.

What will I learn?

  • Goal-setting - what do you want people to know or do?
  • Knowing your audience - understand who you are trying to attract or speak to you
  • Understanding different social media channels - Which channels do your audience use?
  • Finding inspiration – Where to find inspiration and borrow ideas
  • Telling your story and messaging – Deciding upon you key messages
  • Deciding what images, videos and hashtags to use
  • Scheduling – understanding how to schedule and coordinate your posts

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